Gym & Learn - Mom's Day Out

Gym & Learn is a half-day fitness and academic learning program for children between 2.5 & 5 years old. Gym & Learn students have the opportunity to learn through hands-on, sensory building, & kinesthetic integrated activities.

We encourage the children to grow as learners by assessing creativity, guided instruction, and free-play in order to build strong social skills & confidence.

Our goal is to meet the pre- academic and social needs of your children in an environment that feels safe and exciting.

Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday from 9am - 12pm
*Must be potty-trained
*Child may enroll for 1, 2 or 3 days of learning and fun!

Classroom Overview
Arts and Crafts Projects:
Fine motor skills practice (using scissors, gluing, painting)
Free-Play: Building social skills and discovery(dramatic play/dress up, building blocks, puzzles, sensory table)

Circle Time: Group learning, listening skills, taking turns, pre- academics including letters & sound recognition, counting, shapes, rhyming, colors, days of the week, music, poetry, sign language & story time.

Writing: Letter and number formation, tracing, coloring Science: cause & effect experiments
Tuition Per 8 Week Session
1 Day per week $200
2 Days per week $360 - save $40
3 Days per week $ 525 - save $75

*no promo codes can be applied to Gym & Learn as discounts are already included

Email or call 636-312-4044 with questions.