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Why LittleBits Gym?

LittleBits Gym and our Ninja Starz are non-competitive, recreational programs that offers a variety of activities and classes with one common goal:  to help children succeed.  Our program is designed with the parent and the child in mind, providing challenges that encourage growth, as well as the support system to achieve individual greatness.  Families trust that when they bring their child to a LittleBits Gym class, they will not only learn valuable physical skills, but their experiences as a member of LittleBits Gym will translate into improvement in all areas of sports, education and interpersonal relationships.


Founded in 2016, LittleBits Gym has grown by leaps and bounds.  The success of our program speaks to the satisfaction of our clients.   Our goal is to provide an environment in which children ages 1-15 are able to develop not only their physical abilities and strengths, but also their confidence, self-esteem and social-emotional skills through positive reinforcement and genuine love.  Each child that goes through the LittleBits Gym program is valued and given the individual attention they need to help them thrive.

The program captivates the imaginations of children, as activities and set up change weekly.  Within each class, children are encouraged and assisted by a minimum coach/student ratio of 5:1. Our classes are non-stop movement and activity, as we believe in our proven system of learning through play. Our coaches are truly special, in that they are providing a nurturing, fun-loving, friendly environment that is not always found in a gym environment.  The LittleBits Gym facility is imaginative and colorful, with set up and equipment that can change according to class needs often. Our equipment is safe, soft and colorful, making it inviting to children and families alike.


The LittleBits Gym program provides a truly unique experience for any child age 12 mos.–15 yrs. of age. Children participate in structured, age-appropriate, weekly classes containing noncompetitive gymnastics, tumbling, ninja warrior, mom's day out, dance and other activities.  Children are assigned classes based first upon age and then can be moved within the program based on ability level.   Our program offers a variety of tracks that a child can take as they age through the curriculum, with multiple classes and programs available for each age range.  Many children alternate classes from session to session, keeping them engaged and excited and returning year after year.

Our program is wonderfully unique, and gives families so much more than they anticipate when enrolling in a recreational gym activity.  The programming and staff at  LittleBits Gym leave a positive lasting impact on each child, laying a foundation for confidence,  growth and development.

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